Diamond round basket

Diamond round basket

This basket has very nice design and works up quickly.

The pattern is easy to follow, suitable for beginners.

Work it up in your favorite colors and make unique and pretty useful baskets.

Also, this pattern is the fastest way of working up a gift. :)

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You will need:

  • Cotton yarn: for the basket in the picture I used Alize Bahar - 'dark rose' and 'yellow' colors
  • Hook: 3.0mm
  • Stitch marker: for tracking the rows


  • mc - magic circle
  • ch- chain
  • sc - single crochet
  • inc - increase (two single crochet in the same stitch)
  • sl st - slip stich
  • (..) - represents the sequence that will repeat
  • x and number - the number of times to repeat a sequence
  • [..] - the number between square brackets is the number of loops at the end of row


The pattern is written in US terminology.


Start with dark rose to make a circle

Row 1: 6sc in magic circle - [6]

Row 2: (inc)x6 - [12]

Row 3: (sc, inc)x6 - [18]

Row 4: (2sc, inc)x6 - [24]

Row 5: (3sc, inc)x6 - [30]

Row 6: 2sc, (inc, 4sc)x5, inc, 2sc - [36]

Row 7: (5sc, inc)x6 - [42]

Row 8: 3sc, (inc, 6sc)x5, inc, 3 sc - [48]

Row 9: (7sc, inc)x6 - [54]

Row 10: 4sc, (inc, 8sc)x5, inc, 4sc - [60]

Row 11: (9sc, inc)x6 - [66]

Row 12: 5sc, (inc, 10sc)x5, inc, 5sc - [72]



Row 13: Make one row of hdc stitches - end the row with sl st in the first hdc of the row and ch 1

Row 14: Make one row of sc stitches in the 3rd back loop of previous hdc (two loops will remain on front)
Diamond round basket, 3rd loop of previous hdc

Row 15: Take out the hook from last chain and add a stitch marker to make sure the stitches don't get unravel.
Attach yellow color on the next stitch with a sc.
Diamond round basket, attach yellow color
This row will be worked with 'special' sc stiches. Insert hook into the base of next stitch (not into the top loop of the stitch, like you would for a regular sc). This will wrap your sc over the previous round.
Diamond round basket, special sc
Make two sc in the same stitch - to form a 'diamond'
Skip the next stitch and then make two sc into the next one.
Diamond round basket, special sc
Repeat this until you reach the end of the row.
Diamond round basket, special row

Row 16: with dark rose color, make one row of regular sc stitches
Diamond round basket, row 16

Next, repeat the following sequence:
- with yellow color, make one row of: two special sc stitches in the same stitch, skip one stitch
- with dark rose color, make one row of regular sc stitches
Do this up until you have 5 rows of yellow diamonds.
Diamond round basket, all diamonds Diamond round basket, all diamonds, interior

Last yellow stitch is a sl st. Cut the yellow color yarn and hide tail.

Interior walls:

Row 24: with dark rose color, start this row with (sl st, ch 1, hdc) into the same stitch
- hdc in every stitch of the row, including into the last sl st of previous yellow stitch
- end row with sl st into the first stitch of the row
Diamond round basket, top border

Row 25: ch 1, sc in 3rd loop of each stitch
Rows 26-34: sc in each stitch around
Diamond round basket, walls

Cut the yarn.

You can sew the inner part onto the bottom if you like.

Diamond round basket, empty
Diamond round basket, jade and grey


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